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RadioLink AT10II 12 Channel Pro Computer Radio Set with Telemetry


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  • 12 Channel Programmable DSSS & FHSS
  • Mix Control
  • Real Time Telemetry
  • 3ms Response Time
  • 4km Control Distance
  • Dual Antenna
  • SBUS / PPM / PWM
  • Ultra-small Receiver compatibility
  • USB Data Support
  • Reverse Polarity Protection

- The AT10 II features Radiolink's synchronous DSSS and FHSS spread spectrum technology, combined with QSPK modulation, to guarantee excellent anti-interference performance.
- The latest dual antenna technology, along with support for simultaneous SBUS and PWM signal output, gives you the ultimate peace of mind and unrivalled signal coverage. Control distance of up to 4km that is new to the AT10 II means this is the ultimate professional choice for aerial drones, agricultural drones, indutrial drones and more.
- The 3ms response time gives a real increase in both stability and speed over the original AT10.
- A battery operating current of only 105ma ensures a battery consumption of almost half of the rival products, with an 1800mah 3S Lipo giving you almost 12 hours of use.
- The 12 channel function gives you many versatile options, including 8 swash plate modes, fixed wing with 2 aerofoils and 3 rears, gliders with 4 aerofoils and 2 rears and many more.
- 4096 resolution ensures that signal jitter is up to a sixth of the nearest competitor products.
- Real-time data telemetry gives you a wealth of information, including signal strength, receiver voltage, extended engine voltage and more with the easy to fit module.
- The SBUS, PPM and PWM signal support gives compatibility with a wealth of flight controllers. Compatibility with the super small R6DSM receiver (only 1g weight!) with removable antenna means this is a great choice for even the smallest racing drones.
- The AT10 II has a versatile programmable mix control with a basic menu, advanced menu, graph view for a multitude of servo curves, customisation of channel function. As many advanced settings as you need!
- The USB data connection allows simple firmware upgrading so you are sure to have the most up to date system and features.
- The reverse polarity protection means you will not damage the transmitter or receiver if you incorrectly connect your battery and the universal JST connector means you can fit many different transmitter packs.

Size - AT10 II: 180*95*220mm, R12DS: 50*32*15mm
Weight - 0.95kg
Frequency - 2.4Ghz ISM Band (2400mhz to 2483.5mhz)
Modulation Mode - QPSK
Channel Bandwidth - 5.0mhz
Spread Spectrum - DSSS & FHSS
Adjacent Channel Rejection - >38dbm
Transmitter Power - <100mw (20dbm)
Operating Current - <105ma
Operating Voltage - 7.4-15.0v
Control Distance - up to 4km (Actual control distance depends on flying environment)
Channels - 12 channels, 5-12 channels are customized
Compatible models - includes all fixed-wing aircraft, gliders, multi-rotors and drones, all 120 degree and 90 degree swash-plate helicopters
Simulator mode - automatic power saving when in simulator mode
Screen - 3.5" 16 colour screen, 320*480 pixels
Compatible receivers - R12DS (SBUS & PWM), R9DS, R12DSM, R6DS, R6DSM


Additional Information

EAN 8011813476
Manufacturer RadioLink
Type 2.4Ghz
Family N/A

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