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Reactive Racing Pro 25.4cc Works Tuned Race Engine. 6.5HP

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NEW - Reactive Racing PRO 25.4cc Works Tuned Race Engine.


NEW - Reactive Racing PRO 25.4cc Works Tuned Race Engine.

Our new PRO range of engines are designed specifically for the racer and are some of the most phenominal tuned engines on the planet. 

We at KCR used our wealth of largescale experience together with "Oddified" who is undoubtedly the best engine tuner in the world, to produce the Reactive engine range. This close working relationship between two titans of the sport has brought you not only the best range of tuned engines anywhere in the world but amazingly low prices! 

Unlike most tuned engines, Reactive engines are not tuned for peak power as it is of no use in a single speed vehicle. We do not have the luxury of a gearbox to keep the engine in that sweet spot. Instead, we tune it to produce massive power over a wide rpm range meaning you have power everywhere. As soon as you drive a Reactive engine you will realize that no matter what speed you hit the gas, it responds with serious grunt. 

Although all Reactive engines are powerful, with the new Pro range we've taken it to the max by delving into the crankcase and crankshaft to release significantly more bottom end torque. This provides valuable extra punch at low RPM getting you into the amazing powerband quicker.

How do we get that much power? 

  • Extensive Cylinder modifications to inlet, outlet and transfer ports.
  • Piston Modifications to match cylinder
  • Port timing modifications
  • Flywheel Lightening and Balancing
  • Carburettor Modifications
  • Crankcase port matching (Pro Range Only)
  • Knife Edge Crank (Pro Range Only)
  • Ultra Low Drag Seal Mod (Pro Range Only)

Will it fit my car?

Reactive engines are only produced using genuine Zenoah factory products to ensure the very best quality throughout. On the outside they are exactly the same dimensions as a normal Zenoah (the magic is on the inside!), this means they fit all largescale petrol powered cars. Simply fit the appropriate Clutch housing and clutch.

Note: Losi and TLR cars are made to take CY engines. CY engines have a slighlty different hole spacing on the bottom of the engine case which affects one of the rear chassis mounting bolts. You can simply change the engine mounting washer to the appropriate one, or we can supply an alternate CY case. 


  • Cylinder displacement:     25.4 cm³ / 1.55 cu.inch
  • Cylinder bore:     34 mm / 1.34 inch
  • Cylinder stroke:     28 mm / 1.1 inch
  • Power output :    6.0HP
  • Carburettor:     WT-813A
  • Ignition system:     TCI
  • Start system:     Recoil starter

Overall dimensions

  • Weight:     2.1 kg / 4.63 lbs
  • Product size, LxWxH:    16.7x20.4x19.5 cm / 6.57x8.03x7.68 inch

 All Reactive tuned engines are Run-In on a state of the art dyno to ensure that they perform to our exacting standards - no more good and bad engines, if they do not make the grade, they don't go on our shelves!



Additional Information

Power Petrol
Capacity (cc) 25.4
Vehicle Car
Manufacturer Reactive Racing

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